Madame Amelia

French Teacher

Madame Amelia was born in France, from a French father and an English mother. She discovered the joys of teaching French while she was studying abroad in Australia. She was then able to learn different pedagogical methods during her bachelors degree in Linguistics in Grenoble, France. She has also tutored children between the age of 6 and 13 years old for over 5 years and in 4 different countries. In her classroom she focuses on developing communication skills in French and having great fun while doing so. She discovered quickly that every learner is very different, and it motivated her to understand the specific needs of every child.

She started her career two years ago as a teaching assistant in a French immersion classroom in Atlanta, USA. This past year she discovered the beauty of Montessori and French being taught together in an Elementary class. After studying all summer on her ECEA, she is very excited to be teaching again. Outside of school, Madame Amelia likes all the outdoors activities (hiking, camping, skiing) and discovering new places.