Madame Mariam


Madame Mariam has over 23 years of teaching experience. She began her career in Montessori teaching after she saw how curious, well-adjusted, and confident her nieces had become after graduating from a Kindergarten Montessori program. They had a love of learning that was mesmerizing, and she felt that if this is what Montessori can do, she wanted to help play a part in childrens’ futures. Mme Mariam started out by researching, observing and then volunteering in several Montessori schools, and soon realized it was her calling. Mariam enrolled in the Montessori training program and the rest is history.

Mme Mariam brings together expertise in administration, working with children and bilingual teaching to be an excellent leader-by-example at Marpole Bilingual Montessori School. Mme Mariam began working at MBMS in 1989, and took the lead of the school by the end of 1998. Her continuous innovations and unprecedented features, such as introducing uniforms and the 1 French/1 English teacher per class ratio, have seen the school grow and thrive under Mme Mariam’s direction.

Mme Mariam has extensive qualifications in ESL training, first aid, a St. Nicholas Montessori Diploma with honours, and is a licensed Early Childhood Education teacher/supervisor. She believes in gaining continuous growth in her field. In addition, Mme Mariam has extensive experience in parent education, helping families understand their child’s behavior and stages, helpful strategies, and give tips and advice to each family.

Besides being a teacher, being with her son Mikkal is one of her major sources of joy. Another is her relationship with her husband Scott. She also enjoys pastimes such as music, reading, cooking, dancing, and spending time with her dog Mo-moy.

What I like most about working with children is sharing the love of learning with them. Young children are so curious, and I am thrilled along with them every time they learn something new. I am privileged to have a job where I get to make close relationships with my students.