Classroom Setup

Classroom Environment

Our classes are carefully designed to give each child the best possible learning environment to grow and develop to their fullest potential. Each class consists of one English teacher and one French teacher, with 20 students maximum to ensure that every student gets the attention and support they need to succeed. Students speak exclusively in French with their French teacher, and in English with their English teacher, to help develop the child’s bilingual abilities and maximize cognitive development.

The class group includes students from ages 32 months to 6 years old, which creates a dynamic environment in which students learn to cooperate and support each other as they learn. The younger children benefit from having more mature students to interact with and learn from. At the same time, the older children develop leadership skills and further master their subject matter knowledge.

Outside their core academic learning, students engage in activities such as Yoga, Arts & Crafts, and Music. As a result, our students graduate from our program with the confidence and ability to excel in any program that they choose to pursue.