Marpole Bilingual Montessori school is a great place for my son. He has been the school for almost 2 years, and always enjoyed the school life. In his class, Both the English teacher and the French teacher are excellent. They are so professional on early education, with super kind and nice personality, and strict disciplines with Montessori rules.

The school environment is clean and organized. Their principal made appropriate rules to keep kids safe and prevent spreading disease. We definitely love the school! This is the best preschool at Vancouver west.


Father of a student currently enrolled in Junior Kindergarten

We knew we have picked the right school for our daughter when we see the smile on her face everyday.  The teachers at Marpole Bilingual are phenomenal.  We are very impressed with the skills that are being taught in school such as working together, manners, taking care of themselves and academics. This is not only a school for kids, but also a great community for the parents as well.   We believe this is the best choice we have made for our daughter and we would strongly recommend this school to anyone.

Alec Li

Father of a student currently enrolled in Junior Kindergarten

We were so fortunate to have our daughther, Shaughnessy, accepted at Marpole Bilingual Montessori School. We could not have asked for a better experience!

The teachers are wonderful. Caring and patient yet firm when need be. A perfect balance. Our daughter’s character, spirit and mind blossomed under their care!

The teachers and other parents at our daughter’s new school always tell us how impressed they are with how confidently Shaughnessy presents herself. My husband and I know that MBMS helped to instill this self assuredness in our daughter. (Handshake every morning and afternoon!)

Nurturing compassion for those less fortunate in our community is also one of the many things we really loved about MBMS. Delivering the Christmas hampers to the families at need was a wonderful highlight of our holidays. As well as the annual Walk-a-Thon which was always so much fun!

Not only did Shaughnessy make lifetime friends at Marpole Bilingual but so did my husband and !.
The only downside of Marpole Bilingual Montessori? They do no teach all the way to Grade 12!

Thomas & Rae-Ann Gleig
Parents of Shaughnessy, Graduate of the three year programme and current student of St. John’s School

I have two daughters who attended The Marpole Bilingual Montessori. The school is academically very strong, which prepared my daughters very well for their future education. This played a large part in their acceptances into our school of choice. My daughters also learned to love school and develop a positive attitude towards education and learning. The school organized extra curricular activities such as donating items to Christmas hampers for underprivileged families and taking part in a walkathon to raise money for charity. This helped my daughters learn about the importance of contributing to the community, and they continue to volunteer their time in their current school.  I also liked the idea of wearing uniform, which creates unity and equality amongst the students.  The teachers created a very loving environment that encouraged every child to be their own person. This helped my daughters develop self-confidence and the ability to excel in their current school. Mariam was especially dedicated to the school and I appreciated how she communicated well with the parents on a consistent basis. Marpole Bilingual Montessori School really prepares students well for their future endeavours and more importantly, help them become good little citizens of the world. I still keep in touch with Mariam and many of the teachers, and love keeping up to date about their progress.


Mother of two daughters who graduated from the preschool program. Currently at York House School.

I remember when I first met Mariam and saw the school, you could sense how much Mariam and the teachers cared about the students. Each student received individual attention, and the teachers seemed to know the strengths and weaknesses of each child, and how to work with them. It was very clear that the children were happy, which made it an easy decision to enroll both my daughter and my son. I really liked how the teachers helped my kids draw out and develop their natural and hidden talents. They even learned how to feel empathetic towards others, appreciate what they have and the importance of contributing to the community through class and volunteer activities. I’ve seen how this has stuck with my children to this day, years after they have graduated, as they continue to volunteer their time and help others.

Mariam and the teachers were very deliberate in how they interacted with the students, especially when it came to promoting equality and making sure that each child felt self-confident. Mariam was always willing to go above and beyond to help the students during the program and even after they graduated. I also appreciated how Mariam took the time to develop relationships with the parents to make sure we felt apart of the community and our children’s learning. I’m thankful and proud now to see that my kids are excelling in their current schools as well-rounded student leaders. The self-confidence they developed at Marpole has helped them become elected student council members and even strong public speakers, yet they remain friendly and approachable. I wish I could have been a student at Marpole.

I’d also like to add some feedback from my daughter who is now in grade 10. She said, “Madame Mariam really has a gift to be able to connect with each and every student. She really understands them and genuinely cares about them. She’s more than just a teacher to me, she’s also my mentor.”


Mother of two children of the three year program. Daughter is at Little Flower Academy, and Son is at Maple Grove.

I always was interested in sending my child to a Montessori school where they learned at their own pace. I checked out several Montessori schools and I was lucky to find Marpole Bilingual Montessori School. Everything clicked when we met Madame Mariam and the school. During the program, my son was always happy and excited to go to school. He would even ask to go to school on weekends. I loved the fact that they wore uniforms and how it encouraged equality amongst the students. The teachers were able to develop a comfortable rapport with the children which created a great learning environment for everyone. I liked how the staff made me feel really comfortable to be involved with the school and take part in their organized events. My son ended up going through the full three year program which helped him develop independence, self-confidence and a love for learning. He transitioned easily into his new school and continues to excel. He loves Marpole so much that he often spends his Pro-D Days volunteering at the school.

Mother of graduate of the three year program. Currently at St. Georges.

Marpole Bilingual Montessori will forever have a special place in our hearts.  We feel that our children’s successes in their current schools are a direct result of their foundation that was forged in their primary years by the teachers at MBM.  Our children loved going to MBM everyday and still loves to go back and visit and become ‘student teachers’.  They graduated from the program well prepared for junior school.  The teachers not only taught our children the regular Montessori curriculum, but also taught them to be polite, respectful leaders.


Our daughter attended Marpole Bilingual Montesorri for two years and we also have a son who will be attending soon. Madame Mariam and the teachers provide a caring, nurturing and supportive environment through these important years of growth. We feel our daughter was able to meet her full potential acedemically and socially. The facility is safe and clean with a full supply of montessori materials for the kids. There is also plenty of opportunity to get involved with the school. Pumpkin patches, plays and bowling are just a few of the great trips throughout the year. Marpole bilingual shares our vision of giving back and teaching our children community service, we were more then happy to join in on fundraising and charitable efforts. Our daughter has built a great foundation from Marpole bilingual and will have great success in the coming school years, I am glad to present this opportunity to my son as well.

Mother of one daughter who has graduated and a son about to enter the school

It’s such a warm and friendly place. If our kids had it their way, they would stay at the school forever. My kids really loved the school which gave them self confidence and the ability to help others in their following school. I liked how the teachers promoted equality amongst the students. Many of my kids’ closest friends were made at MBMS. Now that they have graduated, they are looking forward to going back to volunteer and support other students.

Dr. Holly Fong
Mother of three graduates of the three year program