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MBMS Parent Testimonials


I have checked out several Montessori schools before making my decision. Marpole Bilingual Montessori School was the special one that full of laughers. The classroom is friendly and filled with love. I can feel the sincerely love and care Madame Mariam and the teachers give to individual kids. Every kid gets their own attention. The […]
It’s such a warm and friendly place. If our kids had it their way, they would stay at the school forever. My kids really loved the school which gave them self confidence and the ability to help others in their following school. I liked how the teachers promoted equality amongst the students. Many of my […]
We knew we have picked the right school for our daughter when we see the smile on her face everyday. The teachers at Marpole Bilingual are phenomenal. We are very impressed with the skills that are being taught in school such as working together, manners, taking care of themselves and academics. This is not only […]
I remember when I first met Mariam and saw the school, you could sense how much Mariam and the teachers cared about the students. Each student received individual attention, and the teachers seemed to know the strengths and weaknesses of each child, and how to work with them. It was very clear that the children […]