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MBMS Alumni Testimonials

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MBMS Parent Testimonials


Dr. Sadiq Abdulla BA, MD, FRCPC

Father of a student currently enrolled in Junior Kindergarten

We knew we have picked the right school for our daughter when we see the smile on her face everyday. The teachers at Marpole Bilingual are phenomenal. We are very impressed with the skills that are being taught in school such as working together, manners, taking care of themselves and academics. This is not only a school for kids, but also a great community for the parents as well. We believe this is the best choice we have made for our daughter and we would strongly recommend this school to anyone.

Thomas & Rae-Ann Gleig Alumni

Parents of Shaughnessy, Graduate of the three year programme and current student of St. John’s School

We were so fortunate to have our daughther, Shaughnessy, accepted at Marpole Bilingual Montessori School. We could not have asked for a better experience!

The teachers are wonderful. Caring and patient yet firm when need be. A perfect balance. Our daughter’s character, spirit and mind blossomed under their care!

The teachers and other parents at our daughter’s new school always tell us how impressed they are with how confidently Shaughnessy presents herself. My husband and I know that MBMS helped to instill this self assuredness in our daughter. (Handshake every morning and afternoon!)

Nurturing compassion for those less fortunate in our community is also one of the many things we really loved about MBMS. Delivering the Christmas hampers to the families at need was a wonderful highlight of our holidays. As well as the annual Walk-a-Thon which was always so much fun!

Not only did Shaughnessy make lifetime friends at Marpole Bilingual but so did my husband and !. The only downside of Marpole Bilingual Montessori? They do no teach all the way to Grade 12!


Mother of two daughters who graduated from the preschool program. Currently at York House School.

I have two daughters who attended The Marpole Bilingual Montessori. The school is academically very strong, which prepared my daughters very well for their future education. This played a large part in their acceptances into our school of choice. My daughters also learned to love school and develop a positive attitude towards education and learning. The school organized extra curricular activities such as donating items to Christmas hampers for underprivileged families and taking part in a walkathon to raise money for charity. This helped my daughters learn about the importance of contributing to the community, and they continue to volunteer their time in their current school. I also liked the idea of wearing uniform, which creates unity and equality amongst the students. The teachers created a very loving environment that encouraged every child to be their own person. This helped my daughters develop self-confidence and the ability to excel in their current school. Mariam was especially dedicated to the school and I appreciated how she communicated well with the parents on a consistent basis. Marpole Bilingual Montessori School really prepares students well for their future endeavours and more importantly, help them become good little citizens of the world. I still keep in touch with Mariam and many of the teachers, and love keeping up to date about their progress.

We think we choose a correct preschool for our three children. Our children have a high level of engagement with Marpole Bilingual Montessori. They improved reinforcement of manners, moved to understand the English & French language, and participated in group activities. They have shown their understanding of the learning material in the school by answering […]