Madame Mariam

Principal / Teacher

Madame Mariam has over 26 years of teaching experience. She began her career in Montessori teaching after she saw how curious, well-adjusted, and…

Ms. Melissa

English Teacher

Ms. Melissa discovered Montessori Education many years ago when her little brother attended the Marpole Bilingual Montessori Preschool and Kindergarten.

Ms. Sophie

English Teacher

Hello, my name is Sophie. It is truly my pleasure to be working with the Marpole Bilingual Montessori team, parents and students. I was born…

Madame Raphaelle

French Teacher

Madame Raphaelle is a dedicated native French teacher, born in the beautiful region of northwest France. She grew up under the embrace of a close-knit family…

Madame Niloofar

French Teacher

Madame Niloofar was born and raised in Iran where she obtained her Masters in French Language and Literature…

Ms. Judy

English Teacher

Ms. Judy is an Early Childhood Educator with a passion for teaching.  She recognizes the importance of play and encourages children to learn through…