I remember when I first met Mariam and saw the school, you could sense how much Mariam and the teachers cared about the students. Each student received individual attention, and the teachers seemed to know the strengths and weaknesses of each child, and how to work with them. It was very clear that the children were happy, which made it an easy decision to enroll both my daughter and my son. I really liked how the teachers helped my kids draw out and develop their natural and hidden talents. They even learned how to feel empathetic towards others, appreciate what they have and the importance of contributing to the community through class and volunteer activities. I’ve seen how this has stuck with my children to this day, years after they have graduated, as they continue to volunteer their time and help others.

Mariam and the teachers were very deliberate in how they interacted with the students, especially when it came to promoting equality and making sure that each child felt self-confident. Mariam was always willing to go above and beyond to help the students during the program and even after they graduated. I also appreciated how Mariam took the time to develop relationships with the parents to make sure we felt apart of the community and our children’s learning. I’m thankful and proud now to see that my kids are excelling in their current schools as well-rounded student leaders. The self-confidence they developed at Marpole has helped them become elected student council members and even strong public speakers, yet they remain friendly and approachable. I wish I could have been a student at Marpole.

I’d also like to add some feedback from my daughter who is now in grade 10. She said, “Madame Mariam really has a gift to be able to connect with each and every student. She really understands them and genuinely cares about them. She’s more than just a teacher to me, she’s also my mentor.”