I always was interested in sending my child to a Montessori school where they learned at their own pace. I checked out several Montessori schools and I was lucky to find Marpole Bilingual Montessori School. Everything clicked when we met Madame Mariam and the school. During the program, my son was always happy and excited to go to school. He would even ask to go to school on weekends. I loved the fact that they wore uniforms and how it encouraged equality amongst the students. The teachers were able to develop a comfortable rapport with the children which created a great learning environment for everyone. I liked how the staff made me feel really comfortable to be involved with the school and take part in their organized events. My son ended up going through the full three year program which helped him develop independence, self-confidence and a love for learning. He transitioned easily into his new school and continues to excel. He loves Marpole so much that he often spends his Pro-D Days volunteering at the school.